Welcome to Best Predator Call

Following the huge success of the range of predator callers from Best Fox Call in the UK – and subsequently Best Fox Whistle in Australia, we’re delighted to bring you Best Predator Call. Best Predator Call brings you a selection of tried and tested predator calls, remote electronic predator calls and decoys from ICOtec as well as a selection of hunting accessories from Scandinavia that have proven to assist predator hunters worldwide.

Tried and Tested

If we don’t use it – we don’t sell it… It’s that simple. Before launching any predator call or accessory aimed at the Predator Calling market we fully field test to ensure that what we sell actually works. If it works for us, it will work for you.

Types of Calls

As well as our unique range of predator calls developed in the UK, we’re also stocking some superb calls from Reese Outdoors, including the Sly Fox, Jack on Crack and the deaadly Dr Death. We’re also stocking the very affordable and very reliable ICOtec range of remote electronic callers and decoys. We’ll be adding to our range once – but only when we are sure a product genuinely works.

Not just for Coyotes and Fox…

Our calls have already proven to work with:

  • Coyote
  • Bobcat
  • Wolf
  • Red and Gray Fox
  • Mountain Lion

Domestic Shipping

All goods are shipped direct to you from the USA.